Friday, September 30, 2011

i will see you in November

Photograph by Cindy Sherman


Out through the fields and the woods
And over the walls I have wended;
I have climbed the hills of view
And looked at the world, and descended;
I have come by the highway home,
And lo, it is ended.

The leaves are all dead on the ground,
Save those that the oak is keeping
To ravel them one by one
And let them go scraping and creeping
Out over the crusted snow,
When others are sleeping.

And the dead leaves lie huddled and still,
No longer blown hither and thither;
The last lone aster is gone;
The flowers of the witch hazel wither;
The heart is still aching to seek,
But the feet question "Whither?"

Ah, when to the heart of man
Was it ever less than a treason
To go with the drift of things,
To yield with a grace to reason,
And bow and accept the end
Of a love or a season?

Robert Frost

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Of beetles, sweetbreads and shards

"I looked for a sign and found myself no where." 

Blue Moles

They're out of the dark's ragbag, these two
Moles dead in the pebbled rut,
Shapeless as flung gloves, a few feet apart ---
Blue suede a dog or fox has chewed.
One, by himself, seemed pitiable enough,
Little victim unearthed by some large creature
From his orbit under the elm root.
The second carcass makes a duel of the affair:
Blind twins bitten by bad nature.

The sky's far dome is sane a clear.
Leaves, undoing their yellow caves
Between the road and the lake water,
Bare no sinister spaces. Already
The moles look neutral as the stones.
Their corkscrew noses, their white hands
Uplifted, stiffen in a family pose.
Difficult to imagine how fury struck ---
Dissolved now, smoke of an old war.
Nightly the battle-snouts start up
In the ear of the veteran, and again
I enter the soft pelt of the mole.
Light's death to them: they shrivel in it.
They move through their mute rooms while I sleep,
Palming the earth aside, grubbers 
After the fat children of root and rock.
By day, only the topsoil heaves.
Down there one is alone.

Outsize hands prepare a path,
They go before: opening the veins,
Delving for the appendages
Of beetles, sweetbreads, shards -- to be eaten
Over and over. And still the heaven
Of final surfeit is just as far
From the door as ever. What happens between us
Happens in darkness, vanishes
Easy and often as each breath.

By Sylvia Plath

John Dugdale - Photographer

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Muestra Fotoperformance

***E x h i b i t i o n*** 

  September 27, 2011
 October 31, 2011

Photo by, Karine Burckel

Simona Desio
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: “plegaria al orgasmo”

M.Fernanda Najera Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: "Lumiè "

Natalia Meskutavicius
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Melisa Cañas
Obra: “pies”
Cordoba, Argentina

Diane Powers
California U.S.A.
Obras: “Spells and Wishing Wells” 

Karine Burckel
París, Francia

Juana Mauri
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leticia Martinez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: “ella es”

Fabiana Barreda
Buenos Aires, Argentina
obra:Chica Plastica : Eva 

Elisabeth Gardner. Nuevo Mexico U.S.A.
obra: last dance slice shifter shifter 5 

Talìa Guntern
Obra: “Viaje al cielo”
Talìa Guntern
Introducción a mi Viaje al Cielo

Magali Costa
Obra: "Cada ciudad puede ser otra"

Mariana Copello
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obra: “ALMAnaque fotopoético”

Marisa Salinas
Mendoza, Argentina
Obra: “Asalto al Tiempo”

Ana Sandra Caldas Franco de Lisboa, Portugal
Obra: “Photomaton”

Inauguración martes 27 de septiembre 19hs.
Alvarez Thomas 1533

21 hs Charla Mujeres autoras directoras
con: Fabiana Barreda-Andrea Servera-Agustina Gatto
bar de comida rica y refrescos

Muestra Fotoperformance
by the
Granate Galería

Sunday, September 25, 2011

late September


"That was the house where you asked me to remain
on the eve of my planned departure. Do you remember?
The house remembers it – the deal table
with the late September sun stretched on its back.
As long as you like, you said, and the chairs, the clock,
the diamond leaded lights in the pine-clad alcove
of that 1960s breakfast-room were our witnesses.
I had only meant to stay for a week
but you reached out a hand, the soft white cuff of your shirt
open at the wrist, and out in the yard,
the walls of the house considered themselves
in the murk of the lily-pond, and it was done.

Done. Whatever gods had bent to us then to whisper,
Here is your remedy – take it – here, your future,
either they lied or we misheard.
How changed we are now, how superior
after the end of it – the unborn children,
the mornings that came with a soft-edged reed of light
over and over, the empty rooms we woke to.
And yet if that same dark-haired boy
were to lean towards me now, with one shy hand
bathed in September sun, as if to say,
All things are possible – then why not this?

I’d take it still, praying it might be so."

© 2008, Julia Copus
Publisher: The Spectator, London, 2008

Saturday, September 24, 2011

of expectations

"To expect too much is to have a sentimental view of life and this is a softness that ends in bitterness."
Flannery O'Connor

Art by Florian Süssmayr.

Friday, September 23, 2011

do you climb mountains? do you cross oceans?

Some day Tori he will climb mountains for you and for that I say," never let go."

Monday, September 12, 2011

circle of women / fotopreformance

Collective Exhibition:
September 27, 2011 to October 31, 2011

"(Auto)Retratar, abrir, usar, abusar, mirar: dentro-fuera.
Penetrar, explotar, reflejar.
No dejar ir lo que está hacerlo fuerte, crear hacia los lados del reflejo que crea y recrea materia luz y sombra, visibilidad, visión, vista.
El ojo es un otro.
Comunica subjetividad en una otra retina y para adentro.

Yo es otro.
Soy más acá y allá."

este statement ha sido escrito con la colaboración de elisabeth gardner y paula castagnetti

A yearning for art and nostalgia.  The Spells and Wishing Wells look toward an intuition of oneself through the notion of fate and fable.  Perceptions of a mask of secret longings and delicate exploitations leads to the haunting questions of destiny and a time lost.
 -- Diane Powers

"We invite you to participate in open discussions that will take place in theatrical space within the Garnet women writers-directors cycle. These talks will be focused on the artistic and professional work of Gatto Agustina, Andrea Servera and Fabiana Barreda. The coordination of the table will be by Natalia Fernandez Acqui.
I ncluirá fotoperformance a collective exhibition in the Gallery , and its theater program works, " Paris in America "by Paula Herrera, Saturday at 20.30hs from 17 / 9 and" Brick "Camilla Fabbri, Saturdays 23hs from the 3 / 9"

granate galería

Al Di Là Del Vetro - Ludovico Einaudi

Thanks to Beate