Saturday, May 29, 2010

A System of Moments - Dennis Lee Hopper (May 17, 1936 – May 29, 2010)

'warhol with flower' by Dennis Hopper

There's a place on my dresser beside my bed where three books sit, they've become permanent fixtures for years one of which is A System of Moments, inside is Dennis Hopper's culmination of work portraying the rising art and LA culture of the sixties. Inside you will read an INVITATION TO THE VOID."For this creator the void is an empty place between films , jobs acting, writing - "a system of moments" frozen like the flick of a candle forever licking the darkness, the splatter of wet paint caught in a dry burst coming out of a great angst and pain having been denied work in my medium of choice: movies. The explosion - to fill the void between film work, a system of moments occurred, paint photograph, manufacture, tape, plastic, lights, sets, shadow, assemblage, motion, found objects, with a rope of history binding me to Abstract Expressionism, action painting and Marcel Duchamp (whom I met in 1963) Duchamp said the artist of the future will merely point his finger and say it will be art. I was a part of the California School of Assemblage and New Realism with Walter Berman, George Herms, EdwardKeinholz, Llyn Foulkes, Bruce Conner and Edward Ruscha, and one of the founders of Conceptual Art with Proof (1963), and 'Wilhold the Mirror Up'."

Dennis Hopper: System of Moments
MAK, Vienna, May 30 - October 7, 2001

"You can't separate Hopper the actor from Hopper the painter or photographer. A good writer pens what he knows. Hopper knows the film world and his art is a reaction to it.
His art constantly reminds us that an ‘image' is an illusion."
- Graham Hüner


This photograph is by Abbie Hoffman all other art is by Dennis Hopper.


zoe said...

you are art

(i really like that first image!)

Vesna said...

"Dennis Lee Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas, on May 17 1936. For much of his childhood he lived with his grandparents on their farm with “no neighbours … just a train that came through once a day”. When he went to the cinema he suddenly realised “where the train came from and went to”.

I will have to find the book "A system of moments"
Thank you for inspiration dearest Diane, I agree with Zoe, you are art

Migue said...

Dennis Hopper!!
This is one of those that makes me take the time to type a comment.

I love him :)

diane said...

I see art when I look at all of you...a thousand kisses...

Rosa said...

A suggestive travel through the art, made by an artist.:)
I don't know Dennis Hopper very well. I knew him as an actor and, now, that I discover his visual art, I'll look for more...
Your posts are really inspirational, Diane. It is true: art is divine! ;)

diane said...

Thank you dear Rosa :)xx

sebastiano milardo said...

typical imgaes of our last...round the '50 '60, and i love that way of images..
sebastiano milardo

diane said...

Yes, me too, thank you Sebastiano.

sundersartwork said...

Great post, just wandered across this blog. I love seeing Hoppers work that got eclipsed by his earlier addictions. He was skilled a painter and had a good eye. Prior to his art show, i knew he had a fantastic collection of modern art, but i never knew, he himself, was an artist.

diane said...

Thank you Sunder, I think he was a Rennaisance man of sorts defining a bit of sixties culture, at least here in LA.