Monday, April 18, 2011

women staring into vacant dreams

m e t h o d s   o f   i m p e r f e c t i o n  

Drawing using Ulla Trallala texture.


Migue said...

As I said.
I wouldn't say they are nice, I find them dark, but intriguing, fascinating.
I like them, more than that they make me feel some kind of attraction.

:)) Thank you. Always interesting...

diane said...

Thank you Migue for looking, you keep the dust off this lonely place.

That right eye of the first one...really bothering me a lot.
But I'm glad you like them and I'll leave them alone.

Take care and warm hugs to you xo

Migue said...

My pleasure :). I love the dust.

Rosa said...

Looking at these pictures, they come to my mind images of ghosts, shadow of women existed ages ago,maybe in another dimension, but still living nowadays. It is a strange feeling and my mind wander a lot...I could write a novel on these images :)

You are not alone here, dear diane. I log into your blog very often, even if lately I don't leave comments so often.

A big hug and Happy Easter! ;)

diane said...

Dear Rosa if they inspired your imagination to wander then I'm very happy!

Thank you my blossom, you don't have to comment all the time. I'm very lucky to have such an inquisitive mind and beautiful soul as yours in my life...hugs...

Happy Easter to you and yours :)x