Friday, July 1, 2011

releasing to the sound of keys

"A mountain keeps an echo deep inside. That's how I hold your voice." 
— Rumi

"It is a way of saying
I want to be left without words,
to lose without comment.

How long am I going to talk
about what no longer is.

About her, who no longer is
seeing me write about her.
And with those eyes!

I too open them at night
and look at the silence
in the dark
where the portrait ends
without her getting to see it

and I think
and I think
and I think

about things like you
that appear to have
no date of expiration,

about your wanting to get home:
with the key prepared,
clinging to the taxi door,
letting yourself fall through your door
almost with the unsteady will
of an autumn leaf,

this kind of expiration,

and these eyes to golden tending
the ones you said in descriptions
were green. To look
at every occasion with kindly eyes
that no longer look at me,
though I remember them.

And now
I want to be left
without words. To know how to lose
what is being lost..." 
"It was perfect pain:
speaking of her,
they spoke of themselves..."

Passages from a  Portrait Ended by Mirta Rosenburg.

© 1998, Mirta Rosenberg
From: El Arte de Perder
Publisher: Bajo La Luna Nueva, Buenos Aires, 1998

© Translation: 2008, Julie Wark


M.Ac said...

I like the light and the eyes. And I like a lot that the face is not in the center of the picture. Makes me think about long black hair...
Does it make sense? :))

Rosa said...

I agree with Migue: you are really pretty and the photo is suggestive. I love the poem too, so melanconic like your eyes, dear Diane...

Kisses and hugs

diane said...

Rosa & Migue ~ It makes me very happy that you come to see me and leave such lovely words! hugs to you both!