Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Giovanni Sollima


Vesna said...

I adore this music and video, it's magical.
Sending love waves your way, beautiful Diane

diane said...

I'm pretty sure it was you who introduced me to this about a year or two's been one of my favorite's ever since! Thank you Vesna...all my love to you xoxo

Rosa said...

Wonderful performance!! How inspiring music and video!! Thanks a lot for sharing dear Diane!
I hope you are fine and enjoying these Summer days.

A big hug.:)

diane said...

I hope you are well Rosa, thank you for your visit dear heart. xoxoxo

Rosa said...

I'm well, dear Diane, and I really hope you are well too.:) It's Summer, time of relax. In this period I'm trying to relax my brain, always at work, even while i'm sleeping!!! :S
Now that I'm not so concentrated about bacteria, analises, statistics elaboration of findings :), I think I'll write soon about Laura, Cahetel and Madame Butterfly, who will have a name. I'm sure of this :)

Take care dear. Kisses from Naples ;)

diane said...

Oh dear Rosa...I thought I answered you, please forgive me.

The thought of you relaxing enjoying the summer sun and soft breezes while dreaming up characters for your stories puts a smile on my face :)

Do relax your brain angel...look around are in the most beautiful place in the world!