Wednesday, November 16, 2011

are you a Tarantino woman?


Migue said...

I am not :)))
But I loveeee it.

Hola Diane!

diane said...

Hola Migue!
How are ya papa?

zoe said...

i'm mean enough to be one, but i try to avoid their disastrous tragedies :D

Rosa said...

Sometimes and, under certain points of view, I'd like to be a Tarantino's woman!!:D Unfortunately I'm too tenderhearted!:S

A big hug! ;)

diane said...

I believe there is a little Tarantino in every woman ;)
tender, mean and everything in between!!
Zoe and Rosa I adore you both! Happy weekend!!

elisabeth gardner said...

i hope there a double shot in all women as well
neko case a swell chaser

my best to you

diane said...

yes Lis, i agree xx
i can't stop listening to her these last couple days...
much love to you dear <3

Vesna said...

I want to be:)
It looks like a good way to live a life to me. No excuses for being yourself.
Thank you for this post my dear Diane.
Lots of love

diane said...

I wouldn't want you to be anyone but you!! You have a light inside of you Vesna beyond compare!

hugs to you xo