Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Breather

"Just as in the horror movies
when someone discovers that the phone calls
are coming from inside the house

so too, I realized   
that our tender overlapping
has been taking place only inside me.

All that sweetness, the love and desire—
it’s just been me dialing myself
then following the ringing to another room

to find no one on the line,
well, sometimes a little breathing
but more often than not, nothing.

To think that all this time—
which would include the boat rides,
the airport embraces, and all the drinks—

it’s been only me and the two telephones,
the one on the wall in the kitchen
and the extension in the darkened guest room upstairs."

Source: Poetry (July/August 2008).


Vesna said...

I'm here...billy collin's poetry is amazing and your photography is stunning..what a beautiful treat to be here...
sending love and hugs to you Diane,

diane said...

It's good to see you Vesna... Thank you so much! I hope you and your family are enjoying the lovely effects of Spring..
All my love to you.. xo

cafe selavy said...

My god, I can't tell you the terror this brings to me. Wonderful photograph of The Tower. iPhone? Really?

diane said...

Oh no, terror?

The top image was taken and edited with an iPhone the shot of Paris was Nikon and some textures. :)
Thank you so much. I miss your writings I need to go back and catch up... You're always so forthcoming and articulate, like curling up with a great author and artist! :)