Friday, February 15, 2013

a poem

A cage of sound 09:


"Beware of repetition, the malignant
dawn, the looming threat of meals
on the dining-room table; resist

the film of her end when you lie down,
every night – get up, refuse. Again and
again, it will not help. Sit down then

at the piano and flee into your fingers.
Translate notes, limit yourself to
a modest review, two measures at most.

Gradually the music consumes you. You slip
through the bars of sound you have raised,
patiently repeating the healing notes."

© 2013, Anna Enquist
From: Een kooi van klank
Publisher: Stichting CPNB & Poetry International, Amsterdam, 2013, 9789059651852

© Translation: 2013, David Colmer
First published on Poetry International


Vesna said...

lovely, tender and emotional poem
thank you dear Diane for finding it for us
sending you warm hugs today and every day,

diane said...

It's so good to see you my petal!
This one found me in a sense...
*warm hugs*