Friday, April 9, 2010

"the beauty of all this uncertainty"

"It might take us a lifetime to find out what it is we need to say. Most of us fall into where our feelings are headed while we're quite young. But the beauty of all this uncertainty would be that in the process of exhausting all the possibilities, we might actually stumble unconsciously into the recognition of something that's useful to us, that speaks to a deep need within ourselves. At the same time, I like to think that in order for any of us to really do anything new, we can't know exactly what it is we are doing."- Emmet Gowin

deviantART journal entry: Fri. Dec. 26, 2008.
Photography by, Emmet Gowin.


Vesna said...

So perfect and comforting to know there is actually no need to know to still be able to enjoy:)
I love this type of wisdom.
Love and hugs dear Diane

Diane said...

Me too! Thanks and hugs back sweetness :)

Migue said...

I love the pictures.
Many of them, but specially, "A passing glimpse", because it makes me remember something.
And "My mind is..", that one is really attractive.

And I love that you named thae pictures.

:) Good job.

Eric ForFriends said...

I agree whole-heartedly. How can we ever find anything new and worthwile if we already know what we are looking for...

That picture is a beautiful choice, a great expression of life.

Diane said...

Thank you Migue for visiting my photos :)

Thanks Eric *hugs*

Sylvia said...

Precious words, precious picture. The beauty of uncertainty challenges anyone brave enough to enjoy it :-) Big hugs, my dear.

Diane said...

Thank you Sylvia, may we all be so brave!
Big hugs xoxo