Wednesday, April 14, 2010

every fruit has its secret

"There never was any standing aloft and unfolded on a bough
Like other flowers, in a revelation of petals ;
Silver-pink peach, venetian green glass of medlars and sorb-apples,
Shallow wine-cups on short, bulging stems
Openly pledging heaven :
Here’s to the thorn in flower ! Here is to Utterance !
The brave, adventurous rosaceæ."

"Folded upon itself, and secret unutterable,
And milky-sapped, sap that curdles milk and makes ricotta,
Sap that smells strange on your fingers, that even goats won’t taste it;
Folded upon itself, enclosed like any Mohammedan woman,
Its nakedness all within-walls, its flowering forever unseen,
One small way of access only, and this close-curtained from the light;
Fig, fruit of the female mystery, covert and inward,
Mediterranean fruit, with your covert nakedness,
Where everything happens invisible, flowering and fertilization, and fruiting
In the inwardness of your you, that eye will never see
Till it’s finished, and you’re over-ripe, and you burst to give up your ghost."

Text by, D.H. Lawrence - Figs and photography by, Diane Powers.


Vesna said...

I love so much the smell and the taste of this post:) I love the colors and sensuality. It is perfect.
Thank you for this exquisite treat dear Diane. I'll go buy me some figs now:))

diane said...

Thank you Vesna your positive vibrations are so welcomed! Refer to the whole poem for fig eating instructions


zoe said...

what gorgeous photos, beautiful post, diane!

Sylvia said...

I adore how you've put all this beauty all together... Delightful, Diane! :-D

Eric ForFriends said...

The colours of Roman wall and fruit, D.H. Lawrence' classic-inspired poetry - it all fits together beautifully Diane!

diane said...

Thank you Eric, Sylvia and Zoe!