Saturday, October 9, 2010


"I get magic
     (sometimes I get more
        than I bargain for)

but I don’t get

Numbers do worse
than humiliate
     or elude me

they don’t add up.

I am no algebra tart
by the meretricious music
      of the spheres.

My eyes and nose
never streamed
  with incontinent ecstasy
    through geometry classes
as my disastrous triangles
    collapsed in a cacophony
        around me.

Perhaps it’s a failing
          to grasp
             or even want
the utterly perfect number
        burning through my retina
like the utterly perfect  morning.

Instead I peer
        with nauseating vertigo
into the deep dark pitch
        of numbers
like an exhausted mammoth
        dangerously tottering
            on the edge
               of a bottomless mystery."

Written by Dorothy Porter.


Migue said...

I do love numbers :).
Pretty photografer, nice eyes :).

So this Dorothy Porter... then she liked to write poems, didn't she?

Mingle/Gonzo® said...

did i ssay? didwesay?

wearereadyforthefuture, thefutureisnotready.

Rosa said...

Pythagoreanism defines "Number" as an universal archetype, "the principle, source, and root of all things." More specifically, everything is composed of "the elements of number," which the Pythagoreans identified as the Limited and the Unlimited. The Pythagoreans engaged in the study of number theory or arithmetic (number in itself), geometry (number in space), harmonics or tuning theory (number in time), and astronomy (number in space and time).
We are surrounded by numbers. We can't avoid them, whatever we do.
Harmony of universe is characterized by numebers, but fortunately, art let us appreaciate it at a superior level. I don't think that art and mathematics are so different. They just give us different visions of the reality...

Lovely poem, I liked a lot this passage: "like an exhausted mammoth/ dangerously tottering/on the edge/of a bottomless mystery". "Bottomless mistery" let me think about the infinity of numbers.
This is a very inspirating post, dear Diane. As usual. ;)


diane said...

wonderful comments....thank you all!
Rosa I learn so much you...hugs darling!