Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Evgeniy Shaman - Photographer

Elle, Second Dream of Dollsmaker

I would cut out my heart a thousand times to give you peace!


Two Keys for the Tale
October in Ashes

Inner World of Confusion

All Photography by Evgeniy Shaman


cafe selavy said...

You've left no email address, so I will have to leave this out for public consumption. You hide yourself in a different way than I. I just browsed your photos on flicr. A lot of styles there, but very romantic, evocative work. I like the sensibility much. I'm going to steal some ideas from you, too.

There you go,then. My public fan's note.

M.Ac said...

Can I say that I don't like those pictures too much? :)
Specially "Delusion", I don't like her at all. Aggg.
And the face and the forehead in "Inner world of confusion" Aggg and how the image is spoiled by those spots... Aggg.

Wait a minute, may be that's what Egveniy meant...

diane said...

We all hide in our own ways don't we? If I can give you any ideas it would be a supreme pleasure! I'm so happy that you like my work because I'm a big fan of You!

diane said...

Migue ~ I appreciate your honesty so much but Shaman's work... I just adore it! I think we all get something different from art, I find the pain in 'Delusion' to be palatable and the spots and textures only enhance emotions inside of me.

Aside from the titles the words spoken are my own, relative to my feeling at the time.

Thank you for looking :)