Tuesday, November 9, 2010

YouInventedMe - Poet

between the moss lies my other side of  midnight

Sea of Tears

by `YouInventedMe in a collaboration with for Winds

"A sailboat drifting among humdrum doldrums
rocks silently through nighttime fire,
as the void hunger laps tenaciously at her sides.
She sees silhouettes and seizes the shadows.

She wears them like a second-skin;
her former self,
a secret spine.

You carved beauty into my eyes and
branded me a damn fool, but not since
then have you stopped staring at the diamonds
placed just out of reach.

Now, I am dark,
and buried deep,
proper pressure.
Only pure hypocrisy can ever
show me how not to be someone I
never really was, and truly be someone
I hate (to regret).

And now that the eastern horizon
is the only place I can go,
[and now that dusk is the only time I realize
just how much I pale in comparison
to the lucid black sea]
it’s time for us to leave.

You'll be down
below the carved earth
left by falling

I'll be waiting
on the echoes
of the evening."

For more literature by YouInventedMe  and for Winds please go to:


M.Ac said...

Nice picture, always half hidden, but :).
The vertical line should be at the center of the picture. And it is not at the center. It is a little bit towards the right side.

It should be just at the center, dividing the frame exactly in two identical halfs :).

diane said...

:) a girl has to have some mystery. I have this little thing where I place everything in the middle and then I just... move it over! Call it my rebellious nature, it just seems more interesting to me if things are slightly off kilter. I'm sorry though I'm sure it must irritate a persons sensibility toward symmetry!
Thanks Migue!!

Rosa said...

How beautiful poem! "I'll be waiting on the echoes of the evening...". Beautiful image! There is melancony in this poem, maybe disappointment too but it is suggestive. And the photo is very nice too.

Thanks for sharing, Diane!