Thursday, December 2, 2010

hearts untouched, by hearts unloved

milk from the flower  blood from the dawn

a bit of nothing

milk from the flower  blood from the dawn is a collaboration with Flörence for  1 pic 2 souls group.


Migue said...

I like that one :) better than "a bit of nothing".
Light makes the woman attractive. And I like the red drops on the so white image.
But what do they mean if I can ask?

diane said...

It's reminiscence of a memory, a person, a song or two and lost art. To me it says no matter what you do you can't touch a heart that doesn't love you.

diane said...

Thank you Migue, it's nice that you visit :)

Migue said...

Your words are clear as water, so easy to understand :). No matter what you do... I agree.

diane said...

Thank you Migue!

Rosa said...

Really suggestive project, dear Diane. Yes, these are remembrances. The milk and the blood, a bit of nothing...I like this last one as it is like I imagine "nothing".

A hug!

diane said...

Thank you sweet Rosa!

I felt quite meaningless when I made it, it's funny how a person can treasure even those feelings of painful epitaph...I love that photo now, that little bit of nothing.