Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Matt. R. Martin - Painter

She walks in empty spaces

A moment to breathe

Imbalance sleep


Migue said...

It really scares me to see those distorted faces.
But they atract me at the same time.

I love the music. I love the piano.

Yesterday I listened in tv, because I don't watch tv, I just listen tv sometimes :). They said, "happy 2012 because 2011 is going to be so bad that it is better to talk already about 2012".

No No No.
I wish you a great 2011. And i'm absolutely confident that it will be a great year for us.

All the best Diane :).

diane said...

No, that's just wrong! I'm leaving the country in the Fall of 2011 I'm kinda counting on a good year :)
This year is ending miserably for me I figure there's really no where to go but up and I refuse to wait till 2012!

Much love and prosperity to you in 2011 Migue!

Rosa said...

Really, I agree with miguel. The photos are almost scary, they seems to try to catch the hidden side of the women or to the death or maybe just to a tranformation to the supernatural.
Nice piano, indeed!

my best wishes to you too, Diane. Yes, maybe the past year could have been better, but after a fall there is a climb to face! So, I wish you to go up, so up as you desire dear Diane! Good luck for everything!