Sunday, March 20, 2011

Louise Beckinsale - Artist

The Moon by Louise Beckinsale

I've often wondered, "do you see me?"  I don't think so.


Alexia Prassa said...

your work always speak to my heart..


diane said...

Thank you Alexia you're such a supportive and beautiful friend...

I just want to make sure you know this work here is by Louse Beckinsale... if only I could dream this up :)))

Sweet dreams xoxo

Migue said...

Intriguing drawing. But we could find different meanings if we think.
What did she mean? Can you tell us?

diane said...

I can't tell you what she meant I could only tell you what I see.
What matters is what you see and the meaning you come away with.

I see a woman exposing everything, putting herself out there. I see disappointment and blindness but that's only a manifestation of what's inside my heart at the time of viewing it. Another person would surly see something different don't you think?

diane said...

You know, a positive way to look at it would be, 'I give myself completely to you, body and soul...'love is blind' and 'all that jazz.'

Migue said...

Let me try :).
She has no face, but she is showing us her intimity. So is is ready to be used, like a piece of meat, flesh. That's why we can see also her organs.

She is a prostitute, but she is not happy for that. I don't see any happiness there.


diane said...

That's another way to look at it. I didn't see that! :-0

Although I was sad when I made the post I was at the same time enthralled by Louise Beckinsale's art. Here's a link to my Photobucket ( just copy and paste it if it doesn't work ) I want you to see her wispy femininity and watery colors,her real appreciation of female sensibility.

Migue said...

Hey!! you've got lot of things there.
Thanks, thanks. Yes I see what you mean about Louise.

I love also Christiaan Lieverse. Really good.
I will take a look to the pictures. Thank you Diane.

diane said...

I'm glad Migue...I hope you enjoy!