Tuesday, March 8, 2011

they call each other animal or angel before words fail them

"They go heads bowed on their agreement
            they exchange gestures
            press each other's feet in secret
            and sleep for each other
from the height of their tears to their forgiveness
                     they enchant each other
each Tuesday with a path of ivy and slowness
                       barely touching
                       then madly mouth to mouth
pressing her lips he tightens her scarf
             black as sex and blood red
   He already awaits her tomorrow in the shadows
   each morning suits their face
   changing from alarm to whispering
   when she enters his hope
                        She wipes his tears
                        or sings to him at night
          then they call each other animal or angel
          before words fail them
                         long eyelids
          they seek each other beyond the body
          in cries and silences of ecstasy He
          stiffens his soul long in her
                         all hair spilled"

© Jude Stéfan
From: Elégiades
Publisher: Gallimard, 1993

From: Elégiades
Publisher: Gallimard, 1993


Vesna said...

It is love, it is alive...
This poem and photograph take me so many different places.You are so wonderful for preparing this lovely sublime treat for my soul Diane. Thank you

diane said...
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diane said...

Did these two crash and burn or did they make it? Is it just a poem anyway?

Hugs to you Vesna for being so nice to me.

Vesna said...

the way I understood is that there is a certain void but they still have each other, I could be wrong:)
hugs my gorgeous

Migue said...

It's hard for me to understand it :) but I think I agree with Veki!!

Hi again Diane :).

diane said...

Vesna you look at things with such grace...it's what I love about you!

Thank you both Vesna and Migue <3