Wednesday, June 22, 2011

she was only a fraud

hiding behind her many devices
quite witchy after all

it's an unattractive trait this self loathing
one that should not
be put on
this much I know


Migue said...

I can't believe it.
No way.

diane said...

I'm not feeling very confident with my work... I use a lot of textures and text and when you tear all that down what is it really? This is nothing to worry about, just spewing a bit of social vomit which seems to be the theme of the day I'm having.

You have to admit I kinda look like a witch face is green after all....or yellowish green and this is not the color of my face another example of FAKE :)x

Rosa said...

I can see your eyes, dear Diane. I don't think you are like a witch. A witch is evil, ugly. I see just sadness in a graceful glance.
Sometimes is happens to me too, to don't feel confident, to feel frustrated and sad. Then, I look into myself and I try to find the reason of that... If I'm not successful, I search for another goal to reach, as challenge makes me feel alive. :)
So, my dear not "so-evil-and ugly- witch", you need a bit of light on your graceful face and in your heart. I'm sure your inspiration will renew. I'd love to see a picture of you smiling in a sunny day. ;))
Kisses and hugs.

Migue said...

That's what I understood better in your comment.
And I think that the :) wasn't fake, was it?.

No, no fake at all :)). You won't make me change my mind. ;)

diane said...

I'm always smiling when I use this :) Migue. Thank you for always making me smile.

Rosa you are an angel really. I'm just having a bad day where everything... my work... everything feels like crap... and can it be called work? What is it anyway? I almost deleted it all today instead I posted this hideous picture. Photography is something I do because I really can't help myself and ultimately I do it for me what ever methods I employ to express the end result.

I suppose the witch joke was in bad taste. It's true I need a bit of light today and then you came to shine on me. xo

I'll try to steer my obsessions to where they better serve myself and the people around me...that includes the two of you.

Thank you for supporting me Rosa and Migue and showing such warmth. I promise this pity party is over...hugs to both of you :)xo