Friday, June 10, 2011


A whole summer I spent listening to that record. 
So that the emotion would not leave it 
I listened to it once a day. 
If I ended up hungry I went out to walk. 

The light sang that song in its way, 
the sea sang it, a bird 
spoke it. 
In one instant I thought: 
all this is happening to me so I might fall in love. 

Then the summer went away. 
The bird 
dryer than the branch 
didn’t open its beak again.

© 2002, António José Ponte
© Translation: Julie Flanagan

© Translation: Julie Flanagan

Photography by Abigail Berenika


Rosa said...

Gorgeous post Diane! Nice poem and I like the photos too, especially the second one: it reminds me the long walks along the sea, smelling the fresh air, enjoying the soft music of the waves breaking on the sand...

kisses and hugs!

diane said...

It makes me very happy to see how it makes you feel...
Thank you sweet Rosa xoxo