Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mobile Arts Festival

A gallery of images shot with the three-lens Olloclip iPhone accessory gives a taste of what's to come what organisers are saying is the world's largest 'mobile arts' festival. The L.A. Mobile Arts Festival begins this Saturday at the Santa Monica Art Studios in Los Angeles, California.
The nine-day event will encompass not just camera phone photography, but also video, sculptural and performance art related to mobile devices.
The event will showcase upwards of 600 individual works created by more than 240 artists from over 30 countries around the world. Submissions came not only by email, but in keeping with the newfangeled spirit, also via Twitter and Instagram.
“This is a celebration of this young medium,” said Nathaniel Park, co-founder of, which organized the festival.

The work of Helen Breznik (Instagram handle helenbreznik) will be included in the L.A. Mobile Arts Festival, which starts this Saturday and will feature 600 mobile art images and video, sculptural and performance installations.

Further work will be showcased online once the festival is under way, beginning next week.

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